Sherwin Williams Online Color Reference for Glass Paint

  • Glassprimer™ glass paint is not affiliated with Sherwin Williams in any aspect. We can simply match their colors along with all other paint manfacture color lines.
  • Sherwin Williams colors are generally used since they have a very good color fan deck that is easy for you to physically acquire anywhere in the world. Glassprimer™ glass paint colors can be matched to most all paint mfg colors.
  • Colors on computer monitors vary dramatically compared to a physical color fan deck. It is advised to acquire a physical fan deck to choose your colors from.
  • When back painting glass, be sure to use low iron glass (also known as “starphire” glass). This glass is optically clear with no green in it, this glass will give you the truest color once back painted. Also take note that large pieces of back painted glass will seem darker than smaller pieces of back painted glass due to the natural effect when light enters the edges of the glass.
  • will match all colors as close as possible.