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How to match color at GlassPaint

We can tint glass paint to match the paint palette of any major paint manufacturer. We can also create a custom color, based on the specifications you provide. On this site, we use Sherwin Williams as an example, to show you how we can color match paints.   We use Sherwin Williams as our preferred sample because Sherwin Williams paints are widely available. We are not affiliated with Sherwin Williams!

Before you order color-matched glass paint, we recommend that you acquire a physical color sample of your intended color.  You can go to any home improvement store and select a color swatch. Some retailers will also provide you with a low-cost or courtesy sample of the actual mixed paint for color evaluation.

Once you are certain of the color you want, simply enter the manufacturer’s name the color name and the color number into the form, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you would like to order any special effects – like frosting or translucence – simply add the instruction “Frosted” or “Trans” on the form.

If you would like to order pure white or pure black, simply state “pure white” or “pure black” on the form. Be sure to provide your contact information. If we have any questions about your order, we’ll contact you before we tint your paint.

Here are a few tips and things to keep in mind when ordering paint online:


  • We can typically match any paint manufacturer’s paint palette
  • Your computer monitor won’t give you a true representation of a color. Acquire a manufacturer’s sample of your intended color before you order custom-tinted glass paint.
  • Use low-iron or “Starphire” glass for the best, most optically pleasing result.
  • Large pieces of painted glass will seem darker than small ones. That’s because light transmits through the edges of small pieces of glass differently than it does through large pieces of glass.