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HGTV Color Splash TV series behind the scenes glass paint photos!

The photos below show Glasprimer™ back painted glass being installed with neutral cure clear silicone glue (GE silicone II series), double sided glazing tape, and paint can style black mirror mastic mirror glue. Pictures also show cutting glass paint back painted glass on-site.

Having trouble visualizing how glass paint can make a difference in the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom?  Look at these photos, which were taken during the production of HGTV’s Color Splash: Miami decorating series.   You’ll see reverse painted glass being cut and installed on-site. You’ll also see the finished product in both a kitchen and living room space.

The backpainted glass was installed using neutral-cure silicone adhesive, which is available at home improvement stores.  It’s important to use neutral-cure silicone adhesive, to avoid damaging the finished glass products. You can also install reverse painted glass with double-sided glazing tape or black mirror mastic.

In this series, backpainted glass is laminated onto cabinet fronts to create an Art Deco-like, easy to clean surface.  Show designers also used backpainted glass to dress up a family space, and carry the decorating theme from room to room.

We’ve also included a great video demonstration of the before-and-after appearances of the renovated space. You’ll also get some great decorating insights from the show’s designer.

Click here to see Glasspaint back painted glass live on HGTV Color Splash episodes.

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