Glassprimer™ self-priming/permanent-bonding glass paint began outside of the USA in early 1997. In late 2003 Glassprimer™ Glass Paint moved to the USA for distribution in North America. Glassprimer™ Glass Paint is based on a scientific approach that uses cutting-edge nanotech materials that alter the micro structure of the glass surface to create a truly unbreakable molecular bond. Along with other components that add to Glassprimer™ glass paint’s durability and weather resistance, the glass paint includes high-performance alkyd compounds, ingredients that resist ultraviolet lights and other high-end components that ensure color vibrance, saturation and longevity. These glass paint chemicals guarantee a truly permanent bond on glass without primer; they also ensure color durability, retention and resistance to fading, as well as compatibility with installation adhesives.

Back Painted glass is sold already painted in the United States and International, but it may not be the right choice for many users for a number of reasons. First, all shipping companies now classify back painted glass as “flat glass.” Flat glass has a 30% risk of breakage during transit, and as a result, it’s not eligible for shipping insurance by any carrier. There aren’t many companies that offer this product; color matching may be inaccurate, and this glass in many cases is not painted with permanently-bonding glass paint like Glassprimer™. Slow turnaround times (industry standard lead time on back painted glass is 4-6 weeks), expensive un-insurable glass shipping and high cost per sq. ft., as well as the inability to do hands-on quality control by the client all make purchasing ready back-painted glass a difficult transaction. At GlassPaint.com, you can buy your own permanent bonding glass paint and apply it easily by yourself. Glassprimer™ paint is right for any project, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, small glass installing contractor, or large producer of painted or frosted glass products. Glassprimer™ is an easy way to back-painting glass on a professional level for cheaper than $3 per sq. ft. – and this includes the cost of both glass and paint!

  • Glassprimer™ glass paint is suitable for application with a spray gun, roller and paintbrush!

Install back painted glass just like you would install a mirror using the same fixings and adhesives.

  • tip: For installation of back painted glass, it’s best to use the same method as installing mirrors –  black paint can style mirror mastic, transparent glazing neutral cure silicone glue  (Neutral cure silicone glue is best for glass painted surfaces – make sure it’s not acid cure, which is more suitable for tiles and fired masonry)

Free color glass paint matching! On our website, you can color-match Glassprimer™ glass paint to all color lines from major manufacturers. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, many other manufacturers and large color lines as well!

With GlassPrimer™ glass paint, you can liven up and transform any type of glass, including low-iron glass, tempered, annealed, slumped, laminated and cast glass, and more.

Since Glassprimer™ glass paint boasts such an extensive range of colors, glass which is back painted using Glassprimer™ paint can be applied to many different uses. You can use the glass paint not just to cover solid pieces of glass, but also to add finishing, designs and decorations, including frosted and painted, translucent and opaque.

Most glass paint orders color match and ship out same day for your convenience!