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What is glass paint?

Glass paint is a specialty coating that’s designed to bond directly to glass surfaces. Unlike regular paint, glass paint modifies the glass surface to promote permanent adhesion. Once cured, the paint will not chip, fade or peel, even in high humidity conditions.

Glass paint is the ideal coating for glass surfaces like tabletops and glass backsplashes. In office settings, glass paint can be used to control light, heat and visibility without fading or delaminating. The paint is heat resistant to 350°F, and forms a permanent bond with the glass surface.  This makes it ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other demanding environments.

Glass paint can transform ordinary float glass into a work of art! Use backpainted glass to laminate walls, counter areas, or cabinet faces. It’s also safe for use on tempered glass surfaces. The product can be tinted to match the color palette of virtually any major paint manufacturer, so you can be confident that it will perfectly color-match standard paints you use on porous surfaces.

Glass paint is also UV-resistant. It will not fade or delaminate, even when exposed to direct sunlight. When applied according to manufacturer’s instructions in interior locations, the paint is guaranteed to perform for 10 years!

Glass paint provides exceptional coverage on glass and non-porous surfaces for about $1 per square foot. It also requires no special tools for application, and cleans up easily with paint thinners. Glass paint comes in low-VOC oil-based and water-based formulations. This means you can use low-odor glass paint safely and comfortably in interior spaces.

Glass paint also makes a great alternative to more expensive, traditional frosted glass. True frosted glass is created by chemically or mechanically abrading a glass surface. Frosted glass offers good light transmission and privacy, but it can be expensive.  Glass paint can create that beautiful frosted effect less expensively using existing glass. Please visit the rest of the site to learn more about glass paint or to place an order.

Glass Paint | Online resource for Permanent Bonding Glass Paint and UV Printing Primer

Complete Package, Glassprimer™ Component “AB” GPPP083®GPUC083® (Self-Priming Glass PaintCatalyst)

Self Priming Glass Paint Ships Today!

Self priming, glass paint technology for the glazing industry is here! Opaque & Translucent colors! Order today and your products ship today. We ship Glass Paint in the USA and International. We color match glass paint to most all large paint manufacture color codes. Glass paint has held the industry standard for painting on glass for commercial and residential applications including: Back Painted Glass Backsplashes, Back Painted Glass Counter Tops, Painted Spandrel Glass Panels and more. Other widely used Applications for Glass Paint products include Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, and Military.

Easy to use 1 step Painting Process

As seen on HGTV® Color Splash Miami, Glass Paint is an innovative self-priming paint for glass and non-porous surfaces.

  • Bonds permanently to any glass surface
  • Extreme durability
  • Minimal surface prep needed
  • Easy application and cleanup – no special tools required
  • UV-resistant
  • Can be tinted to match any paint manufacturer’s palette
  • Choose low-odor, oil-based or eco-friendly water-based formulation
  • Use for interior or exterior applications

View our Video to see how easy it is to work with Glass Paint!

Glassprimer™ glass surface molecular activator

Glass Surface UV Ink Jet Primer

Glass Paint is the pioneer and originator of the genuine Nano Glass Surface Primer for Ink Jet UV Glass Printing. Glass Paint was founded on this innovative technology. GP083® Glass Surface Molecular Activator allows Glass Surface Inkjet UV printing to bond properly and last. Simply spray on and wipe off, now your ready to print. This surface primer is also used by many product manufactures to bond specialty tapes, adhesives, resins and specialty coatings to glass surfaces. These application include but not limited to Civilian, Commercial, and Military use for Automotive, Marine and Aerospace applications where permanent bonding of tapes, adhesives, resins, and specialty coatings is a must.

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Blue colored table glass paint

You were the most informative company for colored glass. Thank you so much for your truth on how to deal with colored glass. Having locally purchased glass painted with this paint seems like a no brainer. I def like the idea of cutting lead time, expensive shipping and risk of breaking expensive purchased painted glass. We didn’t think it was this easy!

Emily Arama

Glassprimer paint works well with custom laminated spandrel glass applications. We find it easy to use and easy to get. Thank you for your services.


Best paint for yacht glass, the black borders on the glass are always difficult to have done and always have came off over time until we started using this paint. no problems, does a great job. Cheers!

- Capt Eric Conners