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Complete Package, Glassprimer™ Component “AB” GPPP083®GPUC083® (Self-Priming Glass PaintCatalyst)

Product Description

GPPP083® is the highest performance glass paint by Glassprimer™. GPPP083® has been proven industry standard since 1998. GPPP083® is a low VOC self-priming/permanent-bonding glass coating suitable for use on both interior and exterior architectural glass surfaces.

*note: warranty does not apply to exterior use. GPPP083® Glass Paint uses industry leading Nano-tech bonding properties. GPPP083® can be applied to glass surfaces by spraying, rolling, or brushing. GPPP083® has low re-coat time and fast cure time. GPPP083® has excellent performance characteristics, such as flow,leveling, weathering, film hardness, and ultraviolet resistance. GPPP083® meets and exceeds ASTM standards for spandrel glass coatings. GPPP083® is available in neutral and white tint bases with a wide range of color match capabilities by Glassprimer™ TrueColor® technology.

Use Limitations

-Only apply when air temperature is above 40ºF (4ºC) and glass

-surface temperature is at least 5ºF (3ºC) above the dew point.

-Warranty does not apply for use in high moisture environments

Glass Surface Cleaning:

Thoroughly spray/saturate glass surface with 70/30 isopropyl rubbing alcohol and then scrub the entire glass surface with #000 or #0000 steel wool. This ensures all possible impurities that could be impregnated into the glass surface have been removed.Next, clean glass surface with the same alcohol and new paper towels until dry (do not use lint free paper towels). Make sure glass has a squeaky clean feel/sound to the surface while being wiped dry.


1 gal (3.78L). (short filled for adding colorant)

Technical Data:

VOC: 2.44 lbs/gal (293 g/L)

Viscosity: 85-125 ku

Weight per gal:13.2 lbs (5.99 kg)

Mixing ratio:7 parts GPPP083® paint/1part GPUC083® catalyst

Thinning: 2 parts acetone max

Dry Film Thickness: 2.5 mil min/5.5 mil max

Coverage: up to 265 sq ft/gal (24.6 sq m)

Pot Life: 2-3 hours

Clean up: acetone

Shelf life: GPPP083® 3 years/GPUC083® 2 years un-opened


store in a dry place, store at general indoor room temp

Tinting and Base Information:

GPPP083® Glass Paint can only be tinted with GPPP083® colorants due to the products Nano-tech properties. Color formulas require GPPP083® white tint base or GPPP083® neutral tint base depending on color. Most all paint mfg color formulas can be generated through Glassprimer™ TrueColor® technology.

-Drying Schedule:

Optimal Condition:

75°F(23.9°C)50% humidity


2.5 hours


4 hours


10 mins min / 5 hours max

Full Cure:

Generally 24-72 hours in optimal conditions.

*note: Glass Paint curing time can take up to 15 days if conditions are not optimal. Curing time will become substantially longer if the paint is applied in film thickness greater than our recommendations.

A good field test to determine if the paint is cured enough for install is what is refereed to as a finger nail test: Press your finger nail into the painted surface with force. If you can see any  indentation in the paint after you remove your finger, the paint needs more time to cure. If the painted surface feels hard like the glass surface with no visible indent, it is generally ready for install.

Resistance to UV light:


Resistance to heat:


Resistance to Solvents and other Chemicals:

Excellent resistance to Isopropyl alcohol

Excellent resistance to 10% Sulfuric Acid

Excellent resistance to 10% Ammonia

Excellent resistance to Gasoline

Excellent resistance to Oil

Excellent resistance to 10% Hydrochloric Acid

Excellent resistance to 10% Sodium Hydroxide

Very Good resistance to 500 Hours Salt Spray

Good resistance to Xylene

Good resistance to Water, but immersion not recommended

Application Details:


HVLP cup gun, gravity or suction feed

Tip size:



40-120 psi


solvent resistant mohair roller


solvent resistant natural bristle

Spread Rate

mils wet: 3.0 min/8.0 max

mils dry: 2.5 min/5.5 max

Use/Install Instructions:

Mix GPPP083® glass paint thoroughly before mixing with GPUC083® catalyst. Add 1 part of GPUC083® catalyst to 7 parts of GPPP083® glass paint and mix well. Once mixed let glass paint stand (digest) for 5 minutes before spraying. Pour paint through paint strainer before use. Air spraying glass paint is the most recommended glass painting application method. Install adhesives: Once fully cured, GPPP083® glass paint is compatible with mirror mastic (paint can style only), Neutral cure (acid free) silicone glue, and double sided glazer tape.

*note: Read all labels, warning labels and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information prior to use. SDS is available through or request SDS through e-mail at [email protected]


• Chemical Inventory Status:
Container Type: R
Container Pressure Code: 1
Temperature Code: 4
Product State Code: L
Site Specific / Reporting Information:
VOCs (lbs/gal) 2.50
VOCs (grams/liter) 300



Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Contact us for SDS access password:
DISCLAIMER• Glassprimer™ GPPP083®/GPUC083® Glass Paint VOC (volatile organic compounds) properties must meet the VOC regulations of your city, state and the federal government. You and your business must use only glass paint that meets the VOC content limits under those regulations. The maximum content limit of volatile organic compounds varies state by state, and also depends on the location & application method of the paint. If you aren’t covered by any specific legislation concerning glass coating VOC content, then you can use any glass paint on the market.

This Instructional Video shows how to spray Glassprimer™ glass paint in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1. Before applying glass paint, prepare the glass surface that will be painted by spraying it with iso rubbing alcohol and scrubbing it with #000 steel wool. Afterward, dry the glass surface with rubbing alcohol and paper towels.
  • Step 2. In the mixing cup, combine 1 part of catalyst (GPUC083®) with 7 parts of glass paint (GPPP083®); mix well. Add 1 more part of Acetone for thinning, mix well.
  • Step 3. Spray the glass using an HVLP spray gun with a tip size of 1.5-2.0 mm. Spray the paint at a pressure of 40-120 psi. For optimal smoothness and coverage, each surface should receive 3-4 coats of paint. Between each coat, let paint dry for 15-30 minutes. Cure paint at room temp. Curing paint takes between 24 and 72 hours in most conditions.

*Thin paint with no more than 2 parts acetone

  • Rolling Glass Paint: If rolling glass paint, use a mohair roller of desired size. Roll 3-4 coats on glass waiting at least 20-30 minutes in between each coat. Thinning is not recommended for rolling.