Molecular Activator

Molecular Activator For Glass Surface Coating (GP083)

Our GP083 molecular activator for glass surface urethane coatings is scientifically formulated to actively transform the micro-structure of glass surfaces to create permanent bonding to urethane coatings. This is achieved through the use of nanoscale materials, allowing urethane paints, tapes, coatings, and all other urethane products to bond permanently to every type of glass surface. The GP083 molecular activator is meant to be used to pre-treat glass before urethane paints or coatings are applied – this gives the same kind of permanent and damage resistant bonding properties as Glassprimer™ glass paint. GP083 is extremely popular among individuals who paint glass as a hobby or craft interest on a small scale; the activator is perfect to use with locally available urethane paints and other coatings, which are sold in smaller quantities. GP083 has also found broad use with specialized self-adhesive tapes and other  applications where creating a permanent bond with glass is essential.

This video shows all the steps to using Glassprimer™ GP083 molecular activator

  • Step 1. Before applying molecular activator, prepare the surface by spraying it with rubbing alcohol and cleaning it with paper towels.
  • Step 2. Next, spray GP083 on the surface you have just treated and wipe it off with paper towels.
  • Step 3. Within 2 hours of treating glass with the GP083 molecular activator, you can use your desired urethane coating.