Best paint for yacht glass, the black borders on the glass are always difficult to have done and always have came off over time until we started using this paint. no problems, does a great job. Cheers!


How To Information…

Want more How To information? Painting Glass can be really easy with the right glass paint, painting equipment, and painting environment. Watch our Video

Want a Frosted Look?

Glassprimer™ Frosted effect coating is a perfect alternative to acid etched and sandblasted glass. This permanent bonding frosted coating looks and feels exactly like real etched glass!

Use it on Plexiglass!

Glassprimer™ coatings Nano-Technology is designed for bonding to glass but can also be used for painting on plexiglass and other materials such as various types of metals, plastics, stone, and Read more

What is it used for?

Glassprimer™ coatings are used worldwide to create stunning colored glass kitchen back splashes and other accents & decorations! Besides decorative painted surfaces, Read more

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Use Painted Glass in your…

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Doorways
  • Countertops
  • Table tops
  • Desktops

Or anywhere you have or envision! Glassprimer™ permanent bonding coating for the glazing industry offers you the ability to decorate with an outstanding variety of colors, using the intrinsic qualities of glass surfaces. Add dynamic detail to any room of your house, order a sample today to see for yourself!

Setting Trends

Glassprimer™ has become the industry standard for painting on glass. Self priming, color coating technology for the glazing industry is here!

colored glass kitchen paint

Opaque & Translucent colors!

Coatings can be made opaque or translucent… read more

How To Application Video

Click here to watch and learn the simple 1 step Glassprimer™ application process.

As Seen on HGTV!

Color Splash Miami TV series featuring back painted glass by Glassprimer™… read more

No Priming!

Self priming technology is here! No surface priming or preparation is used at all. Just apply and let dry! Check out our videos to witness how easy it is to use Glassprimer™ paint and process to Read more

Water Based Bonding Technology is Here!

Check out new Glassprimer™ water based technology… This glass paint has almost no odor and cleans up with water. Visit WaterBasedGlassPaint.com today for more Read more

VOC Compliance…

read more…

We are Professional Grade Glass Paint

We are the #1 online resource for Glassprimer™ products. Create colored glass for all kinds of applications including decorative, industrial, architectural, marine, automotive, aerospace, and more! Read more